Kepier Assessment and Reporting


We believe that every learner in our school should be challenged and stretched to achieve as much as they possibly can throughout their time with us. To allow this to happen, we regularly assess learners’ performance in all subjects, and we carefully track this performance against our expectations of each learner. This ensures that we can intervene to address any underachievement; it also allows us to reward and acknowledge learners who are meeting or exceeding expectations.

A summary of this information is sent to parents/carers at least three times per year as a full written report, or as a summary ‘gradebook’. We actively encourage parents to contact the school to discuss any issues that these reports might raise

The reports we issue are simple to understand and clear in what they show.They show whether each learner is working at, above or below expectations in each subject they are studying. They also provide information on learners’attitudes to learning.

KS3 assessment and reporting

We no longer refer to national curriculum levels.

Instead, we report against clearly defined expectations for each subject, in each year group and in relation to learners’ prior attainment and their expected attainment at the end of KS4.We will tell you if your child is working at, above or below expectations.

KS4 assessment and reporting

Learners are assigned challenging (but fair) target grades for every GCSE (or equivalent) course they study in KS4. Their performance against these targets is regularly tracked and reported to parents/carersWe will tell you if your child is working at, above or below expectations.

Quality Assurance

We are very confident that the information we report to parents is accurate. This is because senior teachers and leaders regularly look at learners’ work and at their examination/test results for evidence to justify the grades they have been awarded. We have a strong and improving record of being accurate in this process

We hope that this gives you an overview of our approaches to assessment and reporting at Kepier. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The person who is most likely to be able to help you is Mr Langley, Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Assessment.