CEIAG Applications


College and Apprenticeship Applications

Prospectuses and application forms for the most popular local colleges are made available to the learners through the school library, CEIAG officer and the colleges themselves at a careers fair as early as October. The CEIAG officer is available to help learners complete their forms although many students prefer to complete their applications at home with their parents.
Learners wishing to apply for apprenticeships or training are notified about how to go about this during their careers interview, but sessions are also available with the CEIAG officer to help with their applications.

Connexions service

In addition to helping provide our in house careers advisory and support service, our connexions advisor also extends their service to Kepier learners by:

  • Providing extended support to students during the transition from Year 11 into training, employment or further education in an effort to reduce the number of students falling into the NEET (not in education, employment or training) category.
  • Follow up on all Year 11 school leavers and collate information on destinations of those students.
  • Carry out home visits to former students not engaged in employment, education or training.
  • Visits are also made to current students who are non-attendees.