Subject Minimum number of 50 minute sessions per week
English 5
Maths 5
Science 5
French 2
Geography 2
History 2
PE 2
Technology 2
Art 1
Music 1
Reading 1

Some Y9 learners concentrate on developing their maths and work related learning skills instead of studying French.

Typical KS4 curriculum

Our KS4 curriculum is focused on learners having a balanced and challenging programme of study to ensure they can successfully progress to the next stage of their academic and/or vocational studies.

All learners study the core curriculum of English, English literature, maths, science (combined science or biology, chemistry & physics), geography or history and PE. Curriculum for Life lessons are delivered to all learners in KS4, to develop a range of relevant skills and knowledge, and to support them in making a successful transition to their post 16 pathways.

Beyond this, learners have a choice of options to ensure their curriculum pathway is appropriately matched to their ability and needs. The most capable linguists continue to study French.

KS4 Options

OOption blocks are created subject to learner demand. Where numbers opting for courses are too small, we may decide not to run them. We are currently delivering the following subjects:


Art, Business, Computer Science, Design & Technology, French, Geography, Graphics, History, Music, Statistics.

Technical/Vocational Qualifications

BTEC sport; BTEC performing arts (dance); BTEC creative media production; BTEC health & social care; OCR creative imedia; AQA certificate further maths; WJEC hospitality & catering; WJEC engineering

FFor further details on any of the above qualifications, including course codes and syllabus numbers, please follow the relevant link on our website under Curriculum/Key Stage 4 Course Information.

In addition to our timetabled provision, Kepier offers a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities including music, drama, dance and a variety of sports. We believe that these activities are just as important as our compulsory offer and we actively encourage participation from our learners.

We hope this gives you an overview of the curriculum at Kepier, and our approaches to delivering a well-rounded and challenging education for all of our learners.

If you have any questions about the curriculum at Kepier, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mr Langley, Assistant Principal.