Kepier Homework

Independent Study (Homework) at Kepier.

Independent Study (Homework) at Kepier.

Kepier is committed to ensuring that all learners are provided with independent study that is appropriate to their age, ability and stage of learning. Independent study is an essential part of the curriculum offered to our learners. For it to be effective it must be integral to the learning undertaken in class rather than something which is seen simply as a ‘bolt-on’ task. This is intended to help towards improve attitudes to learning and make learners more independent and autonomous in their learning.

Setting of Independent Study

  • Independent study will be set regularly to all learners but the frequency of this will vary between departments and the stage of learning.
  • At Key Stage 3 independent study will be set at the discretion of each department and will be a meaningful part of the learning process.
  • At Key Stage 4 independent study should be set on a more regular basis. In most departments this will be on average once per week.
  • Learners should always be given an appropriate amount of time to complete independent study and this will differ dependent on the task being set.

Types of Independent Study to expect

Learners will receive independent study of various types and lengths. The types of independent study set will include the following:

  • Responding to EBI comments and red pen improvements to work
  • Exam style questions (particularly at Key Stage 4).
  • Research and wider reading that will prepare for future lessons or assessments.
  • Revision for assessed work.
  • Project based work that develops independence and creative skills.
  • Online independent study that might include the use of Moodle, I am Learning or other tools such as My Maths.
  • Development of subject specific key skills.
  • Extended writing pieces that consolidate learning and develop literacy skills.
  • Planning for classwork.
  • Practising a skill or rehearsal (e.g. Music, Drama, PE).