A New School for Kepier!

A new school for Kepier.

Our new school build has now commenced, with a completion date for the build of January 2019. The project comprises of the partial demolition of the existing school buildings and the construction of a new 6,730 sq. metre building and the re-landscaping of the site.

The building and site have been carefully planned to ensure that the current school can remain fully operational throughout construction, while ensuring that there is a clear separation between the building works and operational school. The development will also provide a high-quality learning environment to support our ethos of ‘Believe in You’.

BAM project director, Tony Fitzgerald, said: “We sought to listen carefully and understand the requirements and aspirations for Kepier, to ensure we provide a high quality and efficient design solution to meet their needs, but also provide the ESFA with value for money. Our experience in the education sector is second to none, and BAM’s collaborative culture is always a very helpful resource when working on education buildings. The learning environment will be holistic. This means we get to engage with the people who will ultimately use the building and their communities and create opportunities for them and not just a finished building.”

Principal Nicky Cooper said "our community deserves an inspirational learning environment. We are extremely excited about the new building, which will provide us with the facilities to match the needs of a 21st century education."

Febuary 2018

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