**A Thank you and well done from all of us at Kepier**

From all of us at kepier we want to say a massive thank you to all of you! We at kepier could not be more proud ofย  all our learners! The effort you have put in this week into continuing on with your learning in times of very rapid changes.

To all our Parents/Carers thank you for your continuous effort to support your child in completing their work at home, logging on and your patience and support with us as we implement this new way of learning.

On Monday we continue with our remote learning for some, so please continue to check class charts and the websites for any updates and all information needed to support the learners at home.

Thank you to everyone involved who has worked to make sure we offer the best opportunities for our learners in these difficult times.ย  Please have a well deserved rest this weekend, and we will be raring to go again on Monday.

Take care