In line with Kepier’s Behaviour Policy, we aim to reward positive behaviour through our Rewards Programme. Learners who receive positive points via Class Charts can convert these to a spendable value in the Rewards Store.

Kepier’s Rewards Plan for 2021/2022 includes the following.

  • Daily lessons have positive points and verbal praise.
  • Individual Department rewards including Achievement Postcards shared with parents and carers.
  • Weekly Rewards through the Coaching Programme for Behaviour and Attendance.
  • Half Termly Rewards.
  • Termly Rewards including off-site trips and commendation letters shared with parents and carers.
  • Termly activities for learners at Christmas and before the end of the academic year.
  • Yearly Rewards including the Principal’s Award and an Annual Academic Achievement Evening.


Learners are encouraged to recommend developments to the Rewards Programme.