Year Manager

My name is Mrs Brown and I am the Year Manager for Year 11.

The main aim of the Year Manager role is to support everyone in the year group with their education. In order to achieve the best for every learner, I rely on the support I receive from parents and carers on a day to basis; this ultimately enables our learners to succeed.  Working with learners for their five years in school enables us to forge relationships built on mutual trust and respect.

Welcome to Year 11

Year 11 is the most important and challenging time in a learner’s school life.
Everyone needs to work extremely hard, giving nothing less than 100% effort in
order to realise their true potential. It is essential that learners strive to attend school
every day, and if necessary stay behind after school at organised booster and
revision sessions to help improve their knowledge and skills.

Taking the lead in the day to day running of the year group, I am the first port of call for learners and parents/carers. Alongside senior staff, I manage behaviour, attendance and deal with any bullying issues that may arise. I am available for learners throughout the day and after school, offering emotional and practical support and addressing any barriers to learning. Encouraging positive attitudes and good behaviour in and around school is yet another way to ensure success. For learners, the Year Manager and coaches offer invaluable pastoral support on a daily basis throughout their time in Kepier.

I believe that my honest and open attitude to learners, staff and families means that I
can get the best out of everyone, whilst remaining approachable and helpful. Kepier
is a great place to work and learn.

I look forward to guiding Year 11 through this final exciting year, as we help them
prepare to move on to the next phase in their life. Working together equals success
– anything is possible with hard work and determination, and I truly look forward to
seeing how much they achieve!