Mrs D. Adamson : Year 11 Manager

Mrs D. Adamson

Year 11 Manager

Mrs Adamson, Year Manager

My name is Mrs Adamson and I am the Year Manager for Year 11 along with Mrs Navin. I am available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays, Mrs Navin is available Thursday and Fridays.

Mrs Navin and myself have quite a number of years experience at Kepier and this is also the third year group I have worked with.

It is an absolute pleasure to work alongside a group of learners from their very first day in Year 7, all the way through until they leave us in Year 11.

Welcome to Year 11

As Year Managers we aim to support each and every one of the learners with their education and to encourage positive attitudes and good behaviour in and around school.

We truly value the support we receive from parents, carers and families.

In our role, we take the lead in the day to day running of the year group and are the first port of call for learners and parents/carers. We manage behaviour and implement the behaviour policy to ensure there are no barriers to learning. We are on-call and available for learners throughout the day and after school.

We also manage attendance and deal with any bullying issues that may arise. Mrs Navin and I have extremely high expectations and demand that all learners give 100% effort in order to make the best progress possible and ensure they reach their
true potential.
Mrs M. Navin : Admin Attendance / Year 11 Manager

Mrs M. Navin

Admin Attendance / Year 11 Manager

Mrs Navin, Year Manager

My name is Mrs Navin and I am Year Manager for Year 11 along with Mrs Adamson.

I will manage the year group on Thursdays and Fridays and I am looking forward to working with and getting to know learners, parents and carers.

Welcome to Year 11

Year 11 will be an exciting and challenging time for our learners as they reach the end of their time with us at Kepier. My aim is to support and encourage every learner to be the best they can be.

Our role is to lead the year group and with senior staff to manage behaviour and attendance, deal with bullying issues and any barriers to learning as they arise.
We are available for learners, parents and carers throughout the school day and after school, to offer emotional and practical support.
I firmly believe education is not only about results but also about helping to create life ready young people and school plays a great part in the success of each individual, with this in mind , Good attendance and behaviour is key to learning and I have very high expectations and look forward to supporting and guiding all our Year 11 learners to achieve and succeed.

I am open, honest and approachable and available to support learners, parents and carers in relation to learner behaviour , concerns and barriers to learning.
Good communication and support from parents and carers is vital in order for our learners to succeed and I will be more than happy to discuss any issues no matter how small.

I believe that with hard work and determination this will be a very exciting year for all Year 11 learners and I look forward to being part of their journey.