Miss A. Sood : Year 8 Manager

Miss A. Sood

Year 8 Manager

Miss Sood, Year Manager

Hello and welcome to Year 8. I am very proud to be the Year Manager for Y8. I will remain with the year group until they complete their GCSEs.

Welcome to Year 8

KS3 is a fresh start for all learners, an opportunity to refocus efforts and achieve their best academic outcomes. It is a crucial time in any learner’s school life and not without its challenges; I am committed to the year group and will work with them to make the most of their unique potential.

As well as providing a purposeful, disciplined and thriving learning environment, the needs of every individual learner is at the heart of year management. Care, encouragement and guidance are at hand throughout the day to support learners’ emotional health and well-being. They are not alone: any setbacks or worries will be faced together and every accomplishment celebrated.

Communication with families is vital to the happiness of any learner and I extend a warm invitation to parents and carers to get in touch should there be any concern or queries.

Over the next four years I will ensure the best possible educational experience for learners, champion their brilliance and value them for who they are and for who we know they can become.