Curriculum Vision Statement


‘Powerful knowledge’ is the cornerstone of our curriculum.  Powerful knowledge is knowledge that is distinct from the ‘common sense’ knowledge we acquire through everyday life.  It is knowledge that has been historically generated in each subject area by specialists in their field. It is knowledge that helps our learners to understand and explain, it provides them with the tools and understanding to become powerful citizens.

Therefore we give a challenging and inspirational curriculum by offering a broad range of subjects including opportunities beyond the classroom.

We want all of our learners at Kepier to have access to the knowledge that has been generated in each subject by previous generations of academics.  It is the right of every individual to be inspired by the subjects they study.  The key to understanding their self and their position in the world comes from the powerful knowledge generated in the arts, humanities and sciences.  At Kepier, we understand our role in passing on that powerful knowledge so that our learners are better placed to challenge and question the world they live in. 

At Kepier we don’t limit access to powerful knowledge for our learners by narrowing the curriculum, or teaching to the test.  We are an inclusive school.  Our classes are, in the main, taught  in mixed ability groupings to specifically allow all learners access to powerful knowledge.  

We value the role each discipline has in a learner’s holistic growth and we ensure learners are able to accomplish a strong foundation in every area, so that this will serve them in their future learning.