Subject: Art, Craft and Design
Subject Overview:

At Kepier we deliver Art, Craft and Design to the highest level, fulfilling the potential of staff, learners and department. To offer a wide range of experiences and disciplines enabling the teaching and learning to be an exciting, rewarding and challenging experience. We foster an understanding of the creative industries and where Art, Craft and Design education can take you, recognising that we are not only developing mastery over ideas, materials, techniques and processes, but gaining in understanding of the contribution of Artists, Designers and crafts people over time, including contemporaries. We are aware that we are educating future critical consumers of Art and Design and the importance of creative thinking across all vocations.

At GCSE we are able to offer a range of qualifications within AQA Art and Design syllabus. Specialist staff cater to learner’s strengths and needs. Sketchbooks are vital in assessing progress, and learners are expected to regularly add to and use them as follows:

– Show on-going development of ideas
– Demonstrate research into art and artists
– Experiment with materials and processes
– Strengthen drawing skills
– Develop techniques and step by step thinking
– Improve presentation skills

Key Stage 3
Content: Year 7: Year 8: Year 9:
Autumn Term 1: “Natural Forms” Drawing Skills “The Surreal & Fantastic” Creative Thinking & Mixed Media “Gargoyles & Fantasy Creatures” Portraiture, Drawing & Mixed Media Skills
Autumn Term 2: “Natural Forms” Drawing & 3D & Clay modelling “The Surreal & Fantastic” Creative Thinking & Mixed Media “Gargoyles & Fantasy Creatures 3D” 3D & Clay Modelling
Spring Term 1: “Creative Calligraphy” Perspective & Graphics “Head 2 Head” Portraiture “The Human Condition/Figure Drawing” Figure Drawing & Mixed Media
Spring Term 2: “Creative Calligraphy” Graphics & Print Making “Head 2 Head” Portraiture & Print Making “The Human Condition/Emotions & Print Making” Portraiture & Print Making
Summer Term 1: “EnPlein Air” Landscape, Colour Mixing & Painting “Abstract”
Mixed Media
“The Built Environment” Mixed Media
Summer Term 2: “EnPlein Air” Landscape, Colour Mixing & Painting “Abstract”
Mixed Media
“Unit Construct”
3D Mixed Media
Key Stage 4
Content: Year 10: Year 11:
Autumn Term 1: “Fantastic Beasts” (Unit 1) Coursework Development & Skill Building (Unit 1)
Autumn Term 2: ”Fantastic Beasts” (Unit 1) Coursework Development & Skill Building (Unit 1)
Spring Term 1: ”Fantastic Beasts” (Unit 1) Externally Set Task (Unit 2)
Spring Term 2: ”Beware of the Plants” (Unit 1) Externally Set Task (Unit 2)
Summer Term 1: “Beware of the Plants” (Unit 1)
Summer Term 2: ”Beware of the Plants” (Unit 1)

Additional Information:

If you have a question about the Art curriculum you can use the form below to contact the Art department.

    Revision Links for GCSE Course:

    Google “GCSE Art Sketchbooks A*/Grade 9”
    Youtube “GCSE Art Sketchbooks A*/Grade 9”

    How can parents support their child’s progress in this subject?

    By encouraging regular use of sketchbook and using any family members who have skills in Art at home to mentor them. Parents should encourage visits to sites of art interest to collect material in the form of photographs and sketches for relevant . For example, take them to galleries with exhibitions and permanent collections as well as art in public spaces. Parents are asked to read the teacher’s comments and add their own encouraging feedback in learners sketchbooks at KS3. Whilst at KS4 it is beneficial to provide learners with space to work on their art at home and purchasing some basic art materials.

    Extra-Curricular Activities:

    At KS3 Learners are encouraged to attend Drawing Club on a Thursday evening. This enables learners to further skills developed in lesson time and allows for rapid progress. The Club deals with both still life and figure drawing and is roughly built around adult classes Mr Lightfoot has taught at the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art. Learners have the opportunity to have their work displayed on Instagram @KepierArt and the department celebrates an “Artist of the Week” which is displayed in the department corridor and is changed every Friday.
    At KS4 Learners are encouraged to spend time on their portfolios making sure to attend sessions available during the week both at lunchtime and after school. GCSE learners engage in running exhibitions of their own work and are encouraged to enter local competitions. GCSE learners attend at least one school visit per topic and have visited the workshops of local artists such as Ray Lonsdale. Learners attend visits and workshops provided by the Northern School of Art so that they can see options open to them in Graphics, Photography and Film, 3D design, Textiles, Illustration, Fine Art and more.