Subject: Physical Education
Subject Overview:

The purpose of physical education lessons is to ensure that all learners are fit, healthy, happy and enjoy participating in physical activity. Core PE lessons will develop skills based around the Youth Sport Trust’s ME in PE model, covering Physical, Thinking, Healthy and Social ME strands which will provide them with the key characteristics required to ensure they all reach their full potential in life.

In Core PE, learners will participate in two practical lessons a week in years 7, 8, 9 and 11 and one practical lesson in year 10. Learners will cover a wide range of sports and activities throughout a year, changing activity every four weeks.

Learners in year 10 who have opted into PE will study the BTEC Technical Award in Sport qualification. This will cover a variety of topics across three components, two of which are internally assessed through controlled assessments and the third through a written exam.


Year 7 Trampoline, Football, Netball/Table Tennis, Dance, Fitness, Athletics, Tennis, Rounders, Hockey
Year 8 Hockey, Trampoline, Table Tennis, Cricket, Softball, Athletics, Football, Rugby, Fitness, Netball, Dance
Year 9 Basketball, Trampoline, Football, Softball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Athletics, Rugby, Fitness, Netball, Dance
Year 10 Boys Pathway Football, Trampoline, Cricket, Softball, Rugby, Basketball, Dance, Netball, Table Tennis, Fitness, Tennis, Rounders Girls Pathway Choice of Creative pathway or Games pathway. Creative includes: E Skills, Dodgeball, Dance, Trampoline, Modern Fitness, Rounders, Leadership, Tennis, Fitness Games includes: Football, Netball, Rounders, Cricket, Fitness, Leadership, E Skills, Dodgeball, Tag Rugby
Year 11 Football, Trampoline, Table Tennis, Softball, Cricket, Rugby, Fitness, Basketball, E skills, Dodgeball, Dance, Modern Fitness, Leadership, Netball, Tag Rugby. Choice of Creative pathway or Games pathway. Creative includes: E Skills, Dodgeball, Dance, Trampoline, Modern Fitness, Leadership, Fitness Games includes: football, netball, fitness, leadership, e skills, dodgeball, tag rugby
Key Stage 4 Option
Content: Year 10: Year 11:
Autumn Term 1: NGBs / Types of activity / Benefits of outdoor or fitness activities / Types and needs of participants / Barriers to participation / Methods to overcome barriers to participation Taking part and improving other participants sporting performance


Autumn Term 2: Technology in sport / Equipment and clothing in sport / Benefits and limitations of technology The importance of fitness for sporting performance / Fitness testing to determine fitness levels


Spring Term 1: Planning, leading and adapting a warm up / Analysis of a warm up Fitness training methods / Fitness training programming to improve fitness and sporting performance
Spring Term 2: Physical and skill related fitness / Skills and strategies / Isolated practices and skill games Revision for Component 3 written examination
Summer Term 1: Roles and responsibilities of officials / Skills and strategies
Summer Term 2: Ways to improve participants sporting performance
Personalised Learning Checklist:
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Revision Links for BTEC Course: N/A, however, your child will be given a variety of materials to help them revise for the online exam.
How can parents support their child’s progress in this subject? 1. Encouraging learners to participate in physical activity during core PE and extra-curricular activities.
2. Encourage learners to join local sports clubs to further develop their skills
3. Ensure option learners have completed coursework and attend catch up/boost and revision sessions where appropriate.
Extra-Curricular Activities:

1. Clubs take place from 3pm daily.
2. A variety of fixtures take place weekly for all year groups and students.

Extracurricular activities include but are not limited to the following:
Football, Rugby Union & Rugby League, Basketball, Netball, Trampoline, Dance, Fitness, Rounders, Cricket and Table Tennis. Please see your PE teacher for further information.

Additional Information: If you have a question about the PE curriculum you can use the form below to contact the PE department.