Subject: French
Subject Overview:

Learners studying French cover a wide range of language and content including, looking at yourself and those around you, your local area and the wider French speaking world and aspects of travel and tourism. This will help to support them with their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills in the foreign language. Learners are encouraged to engage with authentic literature and media sources to develop their understanding of the language and create a cultural profile about what they understand about Francophonie culture.

At GCSE level, learners will study for two years and achieve AQA GCSE French. Listening, speaking, reading and writing will each be assessed as 25% of the course.

Key Stage 3
Content: Year 7: Year 8: Year 9:
All about me My world Travel and Tourism
Autumn Term 1: Making introductions
Talking about myself
Health Why study a language? The French speaking world
Autumn Term 2: My family When I was little Making a reservation
Spring Term 1: The Normans My town Planning a trip / Present tense holidays
Spring Term 2: Hobbies Making arrangements A disastrous holiday
Summer Term 1: School Problems in my town A stormy night
Summer Term 2: French Art Film, TV and cinema My dream holiday
Key Stage 4
Content: Year 10: Year 11:
Year 1 Year 2
Autumn Term 1: Relationships with family and friends Free-time activities The environment

Global issues

Autumn Term 2: Healthy / unhealthy living

Customs and festivals in French-speaking countries

Charity work / voluntary work
Spring Term 1: Education post – 16
Career choices and ambitions
Exam Technique
Spring Term 2: Current and future study and employment / Career choices and ambitions

Marriage and partnership

Summer Term 1: Home, town & neighbourhood Speaking Exams
Summer Term 2: Travel and tourism Role-play / transactions
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Additional Information:

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    Revision Links for GCSE Course:

    Pearson AQA workbook:
    AQA French:
    Word Reference:
    Natural Reader:

    How can parents support their child’s progress in this subject?

    1. Actively engage in revision / homework schedules
    2. Learn vocabulary and test each other
    3. Help complete the KS3 Culture Challenge

    Extra-Curricular Activities:

    1. French cinema club
    2. Erasmus project
    3. Joint French and maths trip