**Fitness ideas during Lock down**

fitness in lock down – top tips and ideas of how to keep fit and healthy



**The Metro Challenge**

Take a virtual ride on the metro line – at Every stop try the exercise – 3 different levels to suit your fitness.

Metro Challenge



**Fitness Workouts**

Want to work out but stay in the house. Take a look at these fitness activities to keep you active in the home.


Fitness Workout – Part 1

Fitness Workout – Part 2



Fancy trying something a little bit different – get stretching, improve your flexibility, great for the mind to relax and unwind.

Take a look at these simple yoga instructions guides, that will allow you to give these a go at home.


Simple Yoga Moves – Part 1

Simple Yoga Moves – Part 2



**Heads and Tails fitness**

Finding your exercise routines are getting a little repetitive. Why not mix it up with this heads and tails exercise workout. Flip a coin and let the coin decide the work out you do for that day.

Head and tails fitness


**Snakes and Ladders**

Snake and ladders workout game. Roll a dice and see what the number decides for you. Keep hold of your break card and use them wisely.

Snakes and Ladders fitness game


**Monopoly Fitness**

Ever played a game, and wanted to throe the board in frustration at the game of monopoly. Well now you can mix it up and keep fit, whilst trying to gather up those estates.

Monopoly Fitness