**Kepier learners win the ICE inspire competition**
A huge well done to Jake, Sophie, Preeti, Lacey, Layla and Summer. They submitted a video they had made to promote Civil Engineering of Energy and how to make it more sustainable in the future. The video had to be 2 minutes and no longer or you forfeit points. They won first prize in July 2021 and received their trophy and certificates in a ceremony by Paula McMahon the Chair of ICE Teesside last week. The feedback on their winning video entry was:
‘Your video definitely answered the question and linked civil engineering with sustainability in a really clever way. You used great examples to make your points and you bounced ideas off other team members in a really dynamic and professional way. Your team were clearly very enthusiastic and delivered a lot of high quality content in a short space of time, answering the question perfectly, linking to real industry topics. Congratulations!’