Dear all,

We want to say a huge well done for all of the effort and hard work put in by our learners this term. We are so very proud of them all. We understand this term has been difficult, but we thought it would be be nice to share some of the work and activities that we have seen from our learners.

Please do take a watch of the following updates before you start your half term holiday. We hope they make you smile as much as we did.

Mrs Ashton would like to send you a well done message


Please take a watch of our ‘Wellness Wednesday’ video – What a lovely afternoon had by all, and thank you for fully taking part and sharing it with us


All of our learners have done exceptionally well and we are incredibly proud,  but here are a few that have sent in some outstanding pieces of work and have gained many extra positive points on Class Charts.

We really do wish you a safe and well rested half term, and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 22nd February.

Take care,