What is GCSE Business?

Would you like to be your own boss, or know what businesses look for when they recruit staff?  Are you interested in how a business gets its money to operate, or why so many adverts are aimed at teenagers?  Then GCSE Business is the course for you!

Course Details

Qualification Exam Board Specification
GCSE (9 – 1) Business OCR J204

Subject Leader


Miss G. Bolt
Subject Leader for Business

Course Overview

In the video below, Miss Bolt, Subject Leader for Business, explains the different topics you will study on the GCSE Business course:



When you leave Kepier, you may be working for a business or other organisation.  After studying business, you will have an insight into just how businesses operate, including how to set up a business of your own.  So, are you the next Karren Brady or Richard Branson?

What’s on the OCR course?

Marketing – including advertising, development of products, setting the best price.
Recruitment – including how businesses get the right staff and keep them working.
Business structures – including the different ways to set up a business.
Finance – including how businesses get the money to set up and operate, and how they make a profit.
Business operations – including how businesses produce the things we buy.
Influences on businesses – including the environment and how many businesses are operating around the world.

Learners wishing to study this course must have an interest in business and be prepared to co-operate fully with staff. Full effort and application must be given both in lessons, and in homework tasks.

Since assessment is by written examination, students need to have strong English language skills. Possessing good mathematical skills will also be an advantage.

Assessment Overview
Business 1 Business Activity Marketing People 80 marks

1 hour 30 minute exam paper

50% of total GCSE grade
Business 2*
Operations, Finance and Influences on
80 marks
1 hour 30 minute exam paper
50% of total GCSE grade

* indicates synoptic assessment

Got A Question?

If you have a question about Business you can use the form below to contact Miss Bolt, Subject Leader for Business.


    Updated: 07/02/2024