What is GCSE Computer Science?

Have you ever wondered how the inside of a computer works? Would you like to know how networks and the internet work? Are you interested in programming and developing your own unique software? The Computer Science industry is crying out for qualified computer scientists. If you are interested in a career in Computer Science, such as a software or games developer, then this may be the course for you.

Course Details

Qualification Exam Board Specification
GCSE (9 – 1) Computer Science OCR J277

Department Leader

Mr T. Mayer
Department Leader for IT

Course Overview

The video below explains the different topics you will study on the GCSE Computer Science course:


Computer Systems – This part of the course goes through how the internal parts of a computer work. You will also get a chance to learn about networking, security and issues relating to the use of computing in society.


Computational thinking, algorithms and programming – In this part of the course, you will be asked to write and understand algorithms. You will also learn different programming techniques and how to apply them.

You will need access to a desktop or laptop computer, and internet access is preferable. Teaching and learning methods include teacher directed guidance and directed independent study via Google Classrooms.

The course is made up of:

A Computer Systems exam 50% of total GCSE grade
A Computational Thinking, Algorithms and Programming exam 50% of total GCSE grade

Coursework consolidation sessions will be provided after school and there are resources available from Google Classrooms.

With further training or study, possible careers include computer analyst, computer engineer, computer consultant, computer support, internet developer, software developer and games designer.

Got A Question?

If you have a question about Computer Science you can use the form below to contact Mr Mayer, Department Leader for IT.


    Updated: 07/02/2024